Oh sew lovely, was born out of a love of fabric, colour, pattern, drawing and sewing.

My Nanna, a talented artist in her own right, taught me to draw when I was about ten years old and I have been drawing and painting ever since.

In my teenage years, I taught myself to sew on my mother’s very much unused sewing machine, experimenting with making everything from clothes to curtains. Later, when I inherited my Nanna’s 1970’s Pfaff, sewing became my passion and the first incarnation of Oh Sew Lovely saw me making and selling a wide range of sewn items at craft fairs and online.

Discovering through free-motion embroidery, that I could literally ‘draw’ with my sewing machine was a huge game changer for me and Oh Sew Lovely as you see it today was born. Over time, I found a way to bring all my passions together in simple but beautiful designs. I am happiest when playing with new designs, searching for the perfect piece of fabric for a picture and bringing it all together on the sewing machine. Sewing may not change the world, but I hope that my designs will add just a little more colour, fun and loveliness to it!

Often found rummaging at the tip-shop and never one to resist the lure of a charity shop or car boot sale, I have filled my own home with a mixture of ‘found treasures’, freecycled and upcycled goodies as well as my own paintings, photography and textiles. I hold with the quote attributed to William Morris;

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

I believe that an inspiring, creative space in which to live (wherever that may be) can bring comfort to ones soul and inspire creativity. I am drawn to creating things for the home, because even a simple cushion can change a space entirely and make it a home.

All my designs are created by me in my home studio in Somerset.  I share my week between Oh Sew Lovely, teaching at a local Primary School and raising two rapidly growing children.

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As one of the least technically minded people I know, I can’t promise a dazzling online presence, but I will be there in my own small way, if you care to join me. I’d love to hear from you.


Bek x